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A Globally Distributed Knowledge Market

The Human Protocol's infrastructure connects information seekers with a distributed human knowledge marketplace.

The Human Protocol already has over 100 million users across 249 countries and territories.

The Human Protocol enables humans and machines to ask for and share information across our platform.

Practical applications have mapped cleanly onto the Human Protocol. The protocol defines standard job types that serve as building blocks for a multitude of tasks — many millions of questions are asked each day & anyone can publish a new job type.

For example, consider an area of research and technology development today, factored cognition: decomposing complicated work into simple components... Our flagship application, hCaptcha, offers a high level job type ("scan a page") & factors the task into smaller tasks ("type in these letters or numbers").

flagship Application: hCaptcha

Humans launched the internet & invented the World Wide Web, creating a distributed digital library of Alexandria — this has enabled both humans and AIs to learn, but, now, our online world has been overrun by armies of bad bots (botnets) that threaten our domains.

hCaptcha, the flagship application on The Human Protocol blocks bots while labeling data and already serves many companies within the Fortune 500 and blocks bots for more than 14% of the internet.

Calling all HUMANs

We are calling all humans to join the HUMAN community  to monetize your uniquely human intuition.

Did you know, that through hCaptcha, the Human Protocol already supports nearly a sixth of global internet traffic and is being used in every single country?

So, if you've used the internet, you are likely part of our community without even realizing it.

The rapid growth of our community is fueled by the growing recognition that there are just some jobs which humans do better than machines. HUMAN Protocol is a distributed marketplace where machines can post jobs and humans can take on jobs - and get paid for it.

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Get paid to contribute code through our bounty program, which you can read about at hmt-escrow-form on Github.

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