PLEASE NOTE: As of November 2020, there is no publicly available HMT either on the Ethereum Mainnet or via a public sale.
Anything you see purporting to be HMT (e.g. on Uniswap or Ocean) is currently a fake. Sign up below for news of future updates.

Human protocol

hello human!

The HUMAN Protocol powers distributed marketplaces for humans to contribute their reasoning, skills and knowledge to help machines get jobs done.

hCaptchA, the flagship user of the Protocol, is already being used by Fortune 500 companies to block automated software from their websites while labeling data -- this technology is now deployed across websites covering more than 14% of global internet traffic. Thousands of publishers sign up monthly and many millions of users are already completing tasks on the infrastructure of the Human Protocol.

Learn more about why businesses and individuals are using the HUMAN Protocol to complete many millions of tasks every day:

Developer Resources

Learn about our Technology.

Our GitHub repository features the source code for the HUMAN Protocol. It includes a standard ERC20-compatible token along with a full implementation of our upcoming EIP that extends the ERC20 token standard with more efficient bulk payments.

Joining the marketplace

The HUMAN Protocol team expects to go live soon on the Ethereum Mainnet, and has introduced HMT, the EIP20-compatible token to serve as the medium of exchange on our distributed marketplace.

Learn how HUMAN technology is being applied